Traditional Congkak Set


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Traditional Congkak Set

Traditional Congkak, also known as "Congklak" or "Dakon," is a traditional Southeast Asian mancala game of malay origin that is popular played in various countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Southern Thailand and also some parts of Sumatra and Borneo (Indonesia). The word Congkak was believed to have originated from the old malay 'congak', gives meaning as mental calculation that was practiced in this game. It was considered that a good player will have an advantage in collecting points to win the game when the player calculates a few steps in advance.

The game is typically played by two players, but variations exist for more players. The olden days Congkak board consists of a long, narrow wooden trough with two rows of seven small pits and a larger store pit on each end, known as "houses".

Our version of congkak board is made of plastic material. We are offering a modern twist on the traditional congkak by using a plastic material for the board and including 100 marbles, providing all the essentials for an enjoyable game. This version is likely to be durable, portable, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor play, making it a fantastic option for those looking to experience the charm of traditional games in a contemporary setting.

The objective of the game is to capture more seeds (marbles) than your opponent. At the beginning of the game, an equal number of seeds are placed in each small pit. Players take turns picking up the seeds from one of their pits and distributing them, one by one, in a counter-clockwise direction into the following pits, including their own store pit but excluding the opponent's store pit. In summary, the goal is to accumulate as many marbles as possible in your own larger house while strategically preventing your opponent from doing the same.

Players aim to strategically sow the seeds to capture as many as possible. If the last seed falls into an empty pit on the player's side, they capture that seed and any seeds in the opposite pit on the opponent's side. The captured seeds are then placed in the player's store pit. The game continues until one side has no more seeds in their pits.

Congkak is not only a game for entertainment but also holds cultural significance. It is often played during social gatherings and festive occasions, fostering community engagement and friendly competition. The rules and variations of Congkak may differ slightly between regions, but the essence of the game remains a celebration of strategy and skill.

Dimension: 60cm x 15.5cm x 3.5cm

For ages of 9 and above.