Super Shape Balloon

Super Shape Balloons in Various Themes for all Occasions

Super shape balloons are shaped foil balloons in certain theme. We carry wide range of super shape balloons ranging from size 21 inches up to 53 inches (size is based on the longest dimension of the balloon). You will be able to find super shape balloon for many occasions like baby shower, first birthday, birthday, valentine, wedding and many more in various themes like luau, pirate, movie, music, circus, casino, vehicles, etc. We have animal shape balloons such as wild animals, farm animals, woodland animals, dinosaurs and sea creatures; birthday balloons in marquee, crown, cake and cupcake shapes; kids licensed character shape balloons and number balloons.

Create lots of fun to your birthday party with one or more of our super shape balloons. You may use this unique shaped balloon as a themed party decoration or a special gift for the birthday boy or birthday girl. As center of bouquet, you can surround this super shape balloon with matching color latex or foil balloons to create a marvelous balloon bouquet. Please do note that the floating time of these super shape balloons is up to 1 day to few days provided they are kept in good condition without damage (preferably indoor only). As a gentle reminder, kindly plan your collection or delivery timing for the helium inflated super shape balloons accordingly.