Pinata Introduction

Pinatas Party Supplies

Having a pinata at your party is a great way to provide decoration and entertainment all in one. Pinata is a container often made of colorful paper in various shapes or characters. It is decorated and filled with small toys, candies and sweets, or other goodies and then broken as part of a ceremony or celebration. For decoration, pinatas can be a special table centerpiece, hanging decor and lightweight props for the parties. For entertainment, pinatas are fun party games and activities for birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mardi Gras, Cinco de Mayo and other festivities. Both kids and adults will enjoy themselves in this exciting game. It is perfect to have a themed pinata to complete your themed party. Just simply find your favorite pinata from our wide variety of everyday pinata and licensed pinata here. Pinata accessories such as blank pinata for D.I.Y themed pinata, pinata blindfold, buster stick and pull string pinata convertor kit are also available.

Traditional Pinata

The Pinata Game is the high point in any party! Follow instructions for the safest and most enjoyable results:

  1. Fill the Pinata - Find the opening in the back or top of the pinata. If there is no hole, carefully cut 1 flap approximately 3" on each side.
  2. Hang the filled pinata above the heads of the participants.
  3. Playing the pinata game-the birthday honorees should get the first turn. smaller children should be the next to insure that all have an opportunity to play before the Pinata breaks. You may want to blindfold the children one at a time and give them a spin or two. Guide child to the Pinata and let him hit if once or twice with the Pinata stick.

Pull String Pinata

Pull String Pinata is a popular alternative to the traditional Pinata. It has been designed with the young in mind. To play Pull String Pinata, you do not hit or break the Pinata. Follow Steps 1 and 2 for the traditional game. For step 3, let each child pull a colorful ribbon hanging from the bottom of the Pinata. Only one ribbon will open the secret trap door allowing the favors to fall out. The other ribbons will come off without incident. We recommend 1 Pinata per 8 children so that everyone will have a chance to play.

Safety Tips 

An adult should be present to supervise the game. Make sure participants are standing back at least 20feet whenever someone is swinging the Pinata stick. Tell each child to put the stick down before rushing to retrieve the favors which fall from the broken Pinata. Safety measures must be emphasized. Have a Great Time!

Note: All Pinatas Sold Are Empty.