English Chess Board Game Tournament Set


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English Chess Board Game Tournament Set

Introducing the English Chess Board Game Tournament Set - a gateway to strategic brilliance and intellectual development. Encased in a compact 35cm x 19cm box, this Standard Tournament Size set is specially designed for chess enthusiasts aged 6 and above. Inside, you'll find a durable plastic chess set accompanied by a sturdy boxboard playing board, making it perfect for family bonding or engaging in school chess training and competitions. Rules of chess is provided on the packaging box for easy reference.

More than just a game, this set serves as an ideal gift for classrooms, carnivals, and school events, fostering a love for chess and strategic thinking. Aimed at cultivating young minds, it aspires to groom little chess players who will not only learn the game but also develop intellectual finesse and critical logical thinking. Beyond its educational benefits, chess is a timeless entertainment tool that provides endless hours of strategic enjoyment for both you and your children.

Discover the world of chess, a game of strategy where each player commands pieces from the King to the Pawn, representing units of an army. Invest in this chess set, and embark on a journey of intellectual growth and family fun.

Packaging box size: 35cm x 5cm x 19cm

Board size: 33.5cm x 33.5cm