Disposable PE Gloves 100pcs/pack

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Disposable PE Gloves 100pcs/pack

Quality disposable plastic gloves that perfect for any messy jobs you might have, including cooking, kitchen cleaning or crafts. You will be in the utmost safety and comfort with a pair of these. Ideal for food service and cleaning professionals.

Made of high-quality Polyethylene raw material, these gloves are food contact grade which is great for food preparation and keep your hands dry and protected while preparing or serving meals. Come with double-sided uneven anti-skid pattern, this surface bump point design provides the gloves with properties of effective anti-slip, increase friction, easy to wear and flexible to use.

Adopt one body shape, the hand guard is comprehensive, not easy to break and leak, effective oil containment. Good toughness, not easy to damage, tensile, wear and durable, suitable for a variety of occasions, to meet your various needs. Suitable for adult’s size, can be used by both men and women. Ambidextrous which can fit both left and right hand. 100pcs per pack.


Dry your hands when using. Avoid touching bladed tools and sharp objects. Do not place near open flames and high temperature objects.