Latex Balloons

Solid Color Latex Balloons

It’s not a party without balloons. Use solid color latex balloons to brighten any celebration, from baby showers and birthdays to weddings and festive occasions. Find a wide range of latex balloons and accessories for all your party decorating needs at MTRADE Novelty Wholesale Store. We sell helium quality Qualatex brand 11” latex balloons in various standard colors, fashion colors, pearl colors, metallic colors as well as transparent jewel color for diamond clear latex balloon. We carry Qualatex chrome latex balloons as well. There are many ways to decorate your event with solid color latex balloons. Bundle few helium latex balloons together to create beautiful balloon centerpieces for tables and entrances. Stick the air-filled latex balloons on the wall to create balloon photobooth backdrop. DIY balloon crafts by making helium latex balloons into animal balloons for kids birthday party decorations. Stock up on these fun, versatile and vibrant solid color latex balloons and bring the party home. Please do note that the floating time of 11” latex balloons is approximately 5 to 8 hours. To have balloons float throughout your party, kindly plan your collection or delivery timing for these helium inflated latex balloons accordingly.