Glow Sticks

glow sticks

Glow sticks and light stick are necessary items for any concert, dinner and dance, countdown event and party celebration. With these glowing and flashing products, the whole event will be brighten up and go alive vibrantly as well as adding more excitement and fun to all participants. They are surely the ideal door gift and ice-breaker game piece for party-goers.

We have luminous glow stick bracelets in assorted colors and 6 inches glow stick in single color such as red, yellow, blue, green, white, violet, orange and pink at discounted prices. We offer attractive promotional prices for bulk quantity purchase as well. Nevertheless, we sell glow glasses connector and glow bunny ear headband connector which are the addition accessory to luminous glow sticks. You can easily D.I.Y. to make your own glow glasses and glow bunny ears headband by bending few glowstick bracelets and insert them onto connectors. It’s entertaining and fun for everyone!

Flashing light sticks are mainly battery operated and come with button batteries included. We have long light sticks with assorted colored handles, bubble light stick, flashing devil horn headbands, crystal heart and star spring light sticks. All these light sticks are come with multi-flashing functions. Also, we have 4-color LED laser finger lights, amazing arrow that can shoot to the sky and drop like a beautiful lighted spinning umbrella. Don’t wait and grab these cool glow sticks and light stick now.