Party Confetti, Table Scatters and Popper Confetti Cannon

No party is complete without the colorful spread of confetti. We carry various themed confetti for kids birthday (e.g. Finding Dory, Justice League, Pokemon, Sesame Street, etc.) as well as metallic confetti in many different shapes such as round, star, heart, butterfly, dinosaur, balloons, streamers and even in “happy birthday” text. Majority of themed birthday confetti comes in value pack which consists of 2 small packs of assorted confetti and 1 small pack of die-cut paper printed confetti in popular movies and cartoon characters. These confetti are great to use in any celebrations, especially birthday parties and weddings. Besides throwing up in celebration, scatter a handful of shimmering confetti around your table centerpiece for a touch of glamour, fill a piñata which confetti will be flying out when piñata is hit broken or pulled by string, make a trendy confetti helium balloon, spread some festive confetti over the window, decorate your invitation cards or place them in the envelopes. In addition, we also offer popper confetti cannons in different sizes, i.e. 20cm and 30cm which confetti is projected via a “cannon” using compressed air. They are great accessories for any special event celebration.