22" Birthday Cake Candles & Frosting Bubble Balloon

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MTT822BBS 10398
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22" Birthday Cake Candles & Frosting Bubble Balloon. Bubble Balloons are neither latex nor foil/ mylar balloons. They are made of stretchy plastic and the special stretchy plastic allows bubbles balloons to stretch big and round. These unique balloons range in size from 22 inches (Single Bubbles) to 24 inches (Double Bubbles). They inflate perfectly round and feature see-through material with smooth, wrinkle-free seams like a beach ball that create an amazing 3D effect.

22" Bubble Balloon with helium will float for approximately few days. Actual flying time of bubble balloon with helium may vary depending on temperature and atmospheric conditions.

You can choose options for either “Uninflated” balloons or “Helium Inflated” balloons in different prices. Uninflated balloons are balloons with no inflation that sold in flat folded condition. Helium inflated balloons come attached with curling ribbon string but not shippable internationally.

Balloon weight is sold separately. One 150g weight or 35g bubble balloon weight can hold one 22” helium inflated bubble balloon.

Create lots of fun to your birthday party with one or more of our bubble balloons. You may use this balloon as a party decoration or mix and match with matching color latex balloons to create a fabulous balloon bouquet.