Puff Ball

Puff Ball Decorations

It’s fun and easy to do-it-yourself and decorate your festive celebrations with our Puff Ball Decorations. Puff ball is also known as Puff Décor, Tissue Paper Pom-Poms or Pom Pom Flower. Just simply mix and match the various vibrant colors of our puff ball decorations to go with your party themes! For example, red, green & white puff balls for Christmas season; red, magenta, orange, yellow puff balls for Chinese New Year; orange, purple & black puff balls for Halloween, etc. You can play around colors and create your matching puff ball decorations with any kids’ party themes as well, such as red & black for Mickey Mouse party, pink & lavender for Hello Kitty party, orange & light blue for Disney Planes and many more you can think of!