Party Plate

Paper Plates & Plastic Plates for Birthday Party

Party buffet can be made fun and hassle free with disposable plates. A party plate is a staple feature for any celebrations. We have over 18 colors of solid colored round paper and plastic plates in size of 7 inches for lunch or dessert and 9 inches for dinner. We do have 7 inches solid colored square paper plates as well. Consider buying them in your chosen colors and sizes to create exquisite layered table setting. These solid colored varieties are worthwhile to create custom color theme that perfect for any event. Furthermore, we do carry a great selection of well-designed themed plates in round and square shapes. Popular characters from various themes are printed nicely on these plates. Besides serving food, you can use them to decorate the party room as well. Premium strength plates are likely the best bet as they handle hot and cold dishes with ease. Distribute these lovely plates for your guests when they sit at the table and have endless fun in your parties.