Chrome Latex Balloon

Chrome Latex Balloons

Time for a new kind of shine! Celebrate with sleek, metallic shine for a never-before-seen visual experience with Chrome Latex Balloons. Qualatex Chrome latex balloons have unique characteristics with rich textures, reflective surfaces and radiant colors. We have six stunning beautiful balloon colors available online now, i.e. Chrome Silver, Chrome Gold, Chrome Mauve, Chrome Purple, Chrome Blue and Chrome Green. These Chrome Balloons are made using breakthrough technology. They will definitely add extraordinary glamor and shine to your weddings, anniversaries, dinners and many other special occasions. Don’t wait anymore, let's experience the difference of "Solid Shine" with these Chrome Balloons. Please do note that the floating time of 11” latex balloons is approximately 5 to 8 hours. To have balloons float throughout your party, kindly plan your collection or delivery timing for these helium inflated latex balloons accordingly.