39" Disney Princess Belle Super Shape Balloon

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MTT1173SS 28473
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39" Disney Princess Belle Super Shape Balloon measures approximately 39 inches in size. This balloon is perfect for princess themed party for kids' birthday celebration. Design is printed on both sides of this squirrel shaped like balloon.

You can choose options for either “Uninflated” balloons or “Helium Inflated” balloons at different prices. Uninflated balloons are balloons with no inflation that sold in flat folded condition. Helium inflated balloons come attached with curling ribbon string but not shippable internationally.

Balloon weight is sold separately. One 150g weight will hold one helium inflated super shape balloon.

Create lots of fun to your birthday party with one or more of our super shape balloons. You may use this unique shaped balloon as a themed party decoration or a special gift for the birthday boy or girl. As center of bouquet, you can surround this super shape balloon with matching color latex or foil balloons to create a marvelous balloon bouquet.