14" Go Diego Go Mini Shape Air Filled Balloon

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MTT888AF 12990
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14" Go Diego Go Mini Shape Air Filled Balloon. Design is printed on both sides of the balloon. Some balloons may have two different designs on front and back side (as shown in the product image). This is an Air Filled Balloon that inflated with normal air. These air filled balloons cannot be inflated with helium gas due to their smaller in size and do not come with self-sealing holes. Hence D.I.Y air filled balloon requires hand pump to inflate and use of heat sealer machine to seal the hole.

You can choose options for either "Uninflated" balloons or "Air Filled" balloons in same prices. Uninflated balloons are balloons with no inflation that sold in flat folded condition. Each air filled balloon comes attached with a white color cup holder and stick. *Note: For oversea shipping, all air filled balloons will be in uninflated form.